• Gowers Corner - Then and Now

    As it looked before the “open range” ended and before nearby B-Square Ranch was established. Looking south along U.S. 41 at the intersection of SR 52. Mr. Gower’s station, built in 1926, was the area’s only store for years. Photo courtesy of the Burgert Brothers Photography Collection at the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System. (5084)
  • Sinkholes In Pasco

  • More Sinkholes in Pasco

    More Sinkholes in Sinkhole Alley Pasco County continues to get top ratings in sinkholesProperties built on old lakes can collapsehttps://wesleychapelcommunity.com/sinkhole-guide-for-florida/
  • Pasco Rains

    What we will be seeing for the next couple months  
  • Sinkhole in Holiday

    A Pasco mobile home and six nearby families evacuated after a sinkhole formed in the home's driveway Monday morning and quickly grew large enough to swallow a car. Pasco County emergency crews responded to a report of the hole that developed at 1728 Torch St. in Holiday.      
  • I-75 Construction

      Two road-widening projects along Interstate 75 in Pasco County worth $128.6 million has started.The two projects are scheduled to take more than five years and should support 400 jobs in the Tampa area, according to a release. Designed to address the growing transportation needs of the area, the projects will add two lanes of the interstate in each direction to three.
  • More Sinkholes in Pasco County

    30-foot-deep hole opens in road at Holiday subdivision  
  • More Corporate Welfare

    Developer wants stronger assurances that the county will provide $11 million in Pasco tourism taxes toward construction of Pasco baseball complex , AND they also want ownership of the property to transfer to the investment group so it can eventually be used as leverage for financing.       
  • More Medicare Fraud

      Scott may lose the honors of "the ultimate Medicare thief." New findings have additional fraud and overbilling information. Scott’s prior tenure as CEO of Columbia/HCA about a decade ago, when the hospital company was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud. Now the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) report additional fraud.