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Arrest Records in Pasco County

Pasco Driver's License Info

Search Criminal Records in Pasco County

Pasco County Local Government:

               Pasco County Government - Zoning

               Contact Pasco Government

               Pasco County Permits

Pasco County Commissioners


Pasco County Government TV Access: Pasco Television, your 24-hour government cable channel, committed to providing viewers in Pasco County with quality programming, covering a broad range of government information and services.

Pasco County Government "Portal"
(Community Portal -slow server)

Online Search of Pasco County Tax Records:
Pasco County Property Appraiser's Office provides an online search of county public records. Pasco County Government's Property Appraiser's Office provides online public records on property parcel information, real estate appraisel and zoning information on property taxes.

Pasco County Supervisor of Elections new site -plans for additional information access including voter registration history, precinct-by- precitict election returris, maps and driving directions to polling sites, precinct-specific sample ballots and up-to-date campaign contribution and expense reports.

Pasco County Government's Property Appraiser's Office - information about zoning, aerial photographs and property boundaries, plus a search engine. Pasco County Government's Property Appraiser's Office -public records on property parcel information, real estate appraisel and zoning information on property taxes.

Read about Pasco Zoning and Zoning Map....

Civil Records Search

Local Arrest Record Search


Pasco County Tax Collector

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Pasco County Emergency Management


Pasco County Departments

Traffic Operations

Read the responsibilities of the Traffic Operations Division, find their contact information, and get related documents and forms.
UtilitiesExplore utility information about water conservation, garbage pick-up, water restrictions, and more.
Veterans ServicesResources and services offered by the County for its military veterans.
Zoning & Site DevelopmentView information on Pasco County's comprehensive plan, foreclosure, zoning fees, etc.

Service Phone Numbers - Who Do I Call?...........

Pasco County Sheriff's Office

Pasco County Fire Rescue

Pasco Supervisor of Elections

Pasco Property Appraisers Office

Pasco Superintendent of Schools

Local Government:
City of Dade City

City of New Port Richey

City of Zephyrhills

City of San Antonio

Florida State Government:

blueball My Florida - Florida State
clear150 Gateway to state government

blueball Florida Governor's Office

blueball Florida Legislature

    Senator Jim Norman (includes voting record)

    Senator Wilton Simpson

   Senator John Legg

    Representative William 'Will' W. Weatherford (includes voting record)

blueball On-Line Sunshine: A Service of the Florida Legislature

blueball The Supreme Court of the State of Florida

blueball Florida Court System

blueball Florida Department of State

 US senate btn Florida US Senators

US Florida States Senators

United States House of Representatives
       Pasco Representative

U.S Government:

Pasco Representatives
clear150Brian E. Corley
clear150Pasco County Supervisor of Elections

blueball US Representatives - United States Government - Legislative Branch     

    Senator William 'Bill' Clarence Nelson, Sr.  (includes voting record)

    Senator Marco Rubio  (includes voting record)
blueballThe White House
blueball Social Security Administration
blueball U.S. Department of Education
blueball U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO access to close 2012)
blueball US Patent and Trademark Office
blueball US Securities and Exchange Commission Information
blueball U.S.Air Force
blueball U.S. Navy
blueball U.S. Census Bureau
blueball US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
blueball US National Oceanographic Data Center
blueballUS Postal Service
blueballThe Constitution, a Hyper-text version via Cornell Law School, P. Martin, Legal Information Institute.
blueballThe Federal Bureau of Investigation - Sorting out the truth in Politics

Taxpayer and Citizen Organizations:

Taxpayers for Common Sense
Monitors Government spending and contracts


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Florida TaxWatch
 - promoting the political and economic freedoms
of Floridians, as well as, the economic prosperity of the state.

Pasco County Transportation Department

route 14 in new port richey 1

East Pasco Routes and Maps 
(Most in Spanish)

West Pasco Routes and Maps

Bus Tickets - Bus Fare and Pass Information